At North Main Family Dentistry, we strive to meet all of your oral health needs through comprehensive general dentistry and excellent patient service.  We want to help you achieve and maintain optimal oral health for a lifetime.  Some of our general dentistry services include:

Crowns and bridges


Dental extractions

Dental fillings

Dental implants

Root canal therapy

Teeth cleaning

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that patients visit their general dentist at least once every six months to ensure proper oral health and functionality.


Pediatric dental health and maintenance includes early dental health screening beginning at age one.  We provide preventive dental care that includes dental sealants, professional dental cleaning, topical fluoride application, oral health education for children and parents, and regular six-month recall evaluations. We also perform pediatric restorative treatment and refer to pediatric specialties when appropriate.


We believe that part of providing ongoing, extraordinary dental care means offering a wide array of cosmetic dentistry services so you can be proud of your smile during life’s most important moments.  Using an array of cosmetic services, we can brighten, straighten, or reshape your smile so it reaches its full potential.


Unexpected dental health problems arise even with your best efforts to work and plan to avoid them.  We provide the latest treatment for emergency dental care in the event that you have dental pain, trauma and infections.  We can also assist you through your decision process to determine your best solutions.

For emergency dental care please call (605) 695-9923.

If you hare having a Medical Emergency please call 911.


We provide dental health care to all people as our financial abilities allow. Children’s dental health care is essential for the healthy growth of our community, and our primary concern. Participation in programs that provide financial assistance in this area are appreciated so we can serve our community. Because South Dakota’s Medical Assistance program only reimburses our clinic at a fraction of the overhead costs of operation, we can only provide services to a portion of the communities’ needs and hopefully share the opportunity with other dental offices in the area. Specific dental therapies are limited to basic services depending upon the needs of the individual and the overhead costs of services to the facility.


we are committed to providing patients with superior dental care by utilizing the latest dental technology for increased efficiency and comfort for patients.  We use digital radiography (x-rays) to detect decay and disease earlier than would be possible with a basic oral exam. 


We also have a 3D CBCT Radiography system for quick and simple imaging.

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